Calvary Baptist Academy is a private 1st - 12th grade school located in New BraunfelsTexas, and is part of the educational ministry of Calvary Baptist Church. Since 1981, Calvary Baptist Academy has been steadfast in its commitment to provide each student with an excellent education, to instill in its students a solid moral foundation, to partner with parents to ensure that their child receives the necessary training to be able to lead a successful Christian life, and to keep tuition low so that families in the New Braunfels and surrounding areas are able to afford it.  


At CBA, your child will receive first-class academic training through the use of the Abeka Online Video-Streaming Program. Through the use of this technology, students are able to experience high-quality video instruction from highly-qualified master teachers. This program uses the Abeka curriculum which is a trusted curriculum that has been around for over 40 years, is used by approximately 10,000 Christian schools both across America and around the world, and is used by over 1 million children worldwide.

The Abeka curriculum provides an academically challenging, college preparatory education while at the same time emphasizing strong Christian values, development of character, self-discipline, and proper study habits.  Students in schools using this curriculum tend to attain superior academic achievement and are often found to be one to two years ahead of those in their same grade level in the public school system.

Extracurricular Activities

In order to promote student development and to help students prepare for real life in the real world, CBA also provides the students with various extracurricular activities and events including field trips, volunteer opportunities, leadership positions, tutoring, chapel services, fundraiser events, Life-Skills classes, and athletic programs. Some of the things covered in the Life-Skills classes are basic car mechanics, computer skills of varying levels, budgeting/finance, cooking, sewing, self-defense, art, music, the basics of various career fields, medical training, handyman skills, teamwork, and so many other essential life skills. Our athletic program currently includes the following sports: girls - basketball, tennis, track, and field // guys - football, basketball, tennis, track, and field.