What Curriculum do you use?  We use the Abeka Curriculum which is a  trusted curriculum that has been around for over 40 years, is used by approximately 10,000 Christian schools across America and around the world, and is used by over 1 million children worldwide.


What is included in your core curriculum?  The core curriculum consists of Bible, English, Math, Science, History, and Vocabulary/Spelling/Poetry/Literature.


Why is your tuition so reasonable?  Calvary Baptist Church subsidizes the cost of the academy to allow more people in the community to be able to afford this quality Christian education. 


How many students do you have?  At the start of the 2017-2018 school year, we had approximately 25 students.  Space is limited, so if you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible. Re-enrolling students will be given the chance to enroll before this opportunity is opened up to first-time students.


Do you have a waiting list?  This changes year by year, but CBA very often has a waiting list.  If a student moves or is no longer going to be enrolled in CBA, the next person on the list is then contacted and given the opportunity for an interview. To find out if their is currently a waiting list, select the 'More Info/Apply' button at the bottom of this page.


Will my credits transfer from a previous government school?  Yes.


Do you have electives for those working on credits? Yes. Calvary Baptist Academy has partnered with Alpha Omega Academy via the Ignitia program in order to expand our elective offerings to meet the broad interests of our students.  We currently offer over 70 different electives such as typing, coding, business, information technology, music, web development, Office applications, engineering, communication, education, finance, physical fitness, foreign languages, intro courses to many different career fields, etc... We are continuously looking for ways to partner with other schools and programs to provide an even more extensive range of elective options.


Do you use uniforms?  Yes. Details of the school uniform guidelines can be viewed in our Student Handbook.


May I enroll my child if they have been expelled from another school?  We understand that there may be extenuating circumstances, but as a rule, we do not accept students expelled from another school. 


What doctrine do you teach in chapel and devotions?  We teach Biblical doctrine from the King James Version of the Bible.


What are the schools hours of operation?  We are open from 8 AM - 3 PM Monday through Friday.


Are you accredited through the State of Texas?  No.  However, we are actively seeking accreditation through American Association of Christian Schools.


Do public colleges accept your credits?  Students are accepted into college on an individual basis. We have had no problems with any of our graduates being accepted into any college that they met the requirements for. 


What are some colleges that your students have attended?  Our graduates have gone on to attend Texas Lutheran, Pensacola Christian College, Christ for the Nations, Our Lady Of The Lake, Southwest Texas State College, Alabama Chiropractic, St. Philips College, Shriners College, Liberty University, as well as many other colleges and universities. 


What percentage of your graduates go on to college?  Approximately 90% of our students have gone on to college. 


Do you have lunches at the school?  Yes. The CBA Snack Shack is available to all students and has lunch items, drinks, and snacks for sale. All profits from the CBA Snack Shack go toward purchasing items of benefit for the students. Of course, students may also bring their own lunches. There is not a refrigerator available to the students, so lunches should be planned accordingly.  


Do the students use computers? Yes. Our students use computers extensively.  We want them to become familiar with the computer and its many applications as this is what they will be facing in the real world. In each class, we also use traditional textbooks. 


Does your school use achievement tests?  No, we do not currently offer achievement tests.


Do you teach character and moral values?  Yes. In fact, we endeavor to be "character building specialists" using the Word of God to help our students be the best that they can be.  We teach manners, respect for authority, diligence in work, honesty, and Biblical morality to name a few.


Do you have a school calendar?  Yes, a printed one is issued at the beginning of each school year, and there is also a combined calendar on the school's web site - cbatexas.org under the link 'Calendar'.


Who can I contact if I have more questions?  If you have any additional questions, feel free to call us during normal business hours at 830-629-0049 or email us at jayebeatty@cbatexas.org. You can also select the 'More Info/Apply' button at the bottom of this page.