The purpose of Calvary Baptist Academy's Preschool is to provide a safe, fun, and loving learning environment where children can gain independence, engage in interactive play, and form new friendships with other children as well as with their teachers. Your children will definitely learn and grow during their time here as we use the highly recommended Abeka preschool curriculum. They will learn to enjoy learning while interacting with the creative themes implemented in our daily activities. CBA's Preschool is not only a huge benefit to the child, but it also allows mom a chance to do the things she needs to get done as well as gives her a much needed break every once in a while.

Hours of Operation

Tuesdays & Thursdays

Full Days - 8am - 3pm

Half Days - 8am - 11:30pm (other half day options also available)

September - May 

Our schedule follows the New Braunfels ISD calendar.


3-5 years old. All children must be either 3, 4, or 5 as of September 1st. 

All students must be potty-trained.


At CBA, we have chosen to use the highly acclaimed Abeka Preschool and Kindergarten curriculum which effectively couples fun with learning while at the same time emphasizing strong Christian values and development of character. Abeka is a trusted curriculum that has been around for over 40 years, is used by approximately 10,000 Christian schools across America and around the world, and is used by over 1 million children worldwide. 

Through the use of the Abeka curriculum as well as many other supplemental tools, our teachers strive to harness the enthusiasm of these young children and direct it in a way so that meaningful learning happens. In this way, the teachers are laying the groundwork for the children to excel at their current age, for the rest of their formal education, and really throughout their lives.

Character training is one of the ultimate goals of Christian education. With Abeka, every subject area, every teaching method, every attitude, every action of the student or teacher is a means to develop character—through traditional teaching methods, Bible teaching, and the formation of good habits.

3 year-olds

Young children love to learn. That’s why Abeka’s Preschool program is an academic program, not just playtime. At this age, the children become students naturally as they’re exposed to phonics, numbers, art, poetry, and the Bible.

4 year-olds

At this age, children are eager to learn. Abeka’s Kindergarten Program capitalizes on this by giving children a solid foundation of basic skills through a balanced academic program that takes every facet of physical, emotional, and intellectual development into account. As a result, parents are thrilled to discover what their children can accomplish over the course of a year. 

5 year-olds

 During this year, these young students will be given the foundation for a lifelong love of reading and learning! The quick success that a child will gain by learning to read phonetically makes reading so much fun! He will soon become an independent reader with stories that keep his interest. Through the use of Abeka's Kindergarten Program, these young students will become ready to advance to first grade!

Tuition & Fees

Full Days - $250 a month - (multiple student discount available)

Half Days - $150 a month

Additional Fees - None