The faculty and staff of CBA count it a real privilege and honor to help mold the character of the students. “Character Building” is one of the key features of Calvary Baptist Academy. Character is “built” by doing the right thing consistently everyday.   At CBA, your child will receive a truly Christian education - one that is based on the truths of God’s Word. Everything our students do as part of their education is directed toward ”character building.”  The curriculum, the sports programs, field trips, community activity projects, and church attendance requirements all help to build “real character” for “real life.”  The staff works hard to offer positive incentives to encourage the very best from each student.  The positive and negative re-enforcement’s lovingly administered at the school build obedience and loyalty to proper authority.  The success of Calvary Baptist Academy is based on upholding a very high standard of conduct, a disciplined work ethic, and the highest moral character.


David Beatty Jr. - Principal // Pastor


Jaye Beatty - Elementary administrator // Office Administrator // Speech Teacher


Stephen Funes - Junior High Administrator // High School Administrator // P.E. Teacher



Kimberley Clarke - Elementary Teacher


Jim Syers - Athletic Director


We are committed to establishing an atmosphere of genuine love, acceptance, and concern for each student. This atmosphere of acceptance will create the context within which each student will feel secure and loved, and within which the Holy Spirit can minister to each child. Recognizing that each child is unique, and has been gifted differently, this nurturing atmosphere will enable each student to identify and develop his or her gifts.

Teachers, administrative staff, volunteers, parents, etc… are encouraged to model and promote a personal, saving relationship with Jesus Christ as the foundation for a godly life. This godly example should be in both word and deed to all students at all times. Our hope is that out of this nurturing and encouraging atmosphere will come students who not only know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, but who will also live like it by following Christ’s example in each and every area of their life.