Eternal Vision Endowment

In 2008, Calvary Baptist Academy created an Endowment for the purpose of sustaining the school financially and academically for future generations.

 What is an Endowment?

In general, a financial endowment is a fund made up of donations to an institution made with the stipulation that the fund be invested, and the principal remain intact. This allows for the fund to have a much greater impact over a long period of time.

The endowment is intended to be kept permanently and invested to provide income for continued support of an organization. Usually, the income stream generated by an endowment is earmarked for a specific expense within the operations of the charity for whose benefit the endowment was established.

Why should Christian schools consider using an endowment?

Ministries who have need for continued support will benefit from establishing an endowment to provide a perpetual cash stream to meet those ongoing needs.

Ministries like Christian schools often promote their small student-to-teacher ratio as a positive reason to enroll students; and it certainly is. However, this positive creates a problem on the revenue side of the picture. By limiting the number of students, we are imposing a greater per-student burden to provide for the compensation of each teacher. Can all of the provision for market-level wages for a teacher come from tuition paid by the students in his or her class? Or would this require us to charge a tuition that is beyond the reach of many families; especially those with multiple children in the school?

In Christian schools, this inherent tension is often relieved by asking the teacher to settle for much less compensation in order to make the tuition affordable for parents. One person bears most of the burden. An endowment can remedy the problem.

 How can I give to the endowment?

CBA's Endowment is maintained by Eternal Vision of Watertown, WI.  If you would like to give anonymously, please call Eternal Vision directly at (920) 261-6700.